Our company has always opted to invest in technology. This investment allows us to offer our customers a higher quality product innovation and new processes that reduce costs and improve production.

We have the latest technology in laser cutting, which offers greater precision and possibilities of finishes for any type of project and production needs.

The cutting process is performed by CNC machines offering higher quality and productivity performance.

The curvature process is performed by various state-of.the-art machines, with numerical control and variable radius. Variable radius curvature can generate any radius of curvature, depending on a previous calibration.

We have four types of welding that cover much of the market needs, such as: manual welding and robot mig-mag, tig welding and oxyacetylene welding.

The painting phase is carried out in an installation of heat hardening powder paint, with high daily production capacity, accompanied by line drying which is performed in linear tunnel kilns at maximum temperature of 180°.