We are an outsourcing company prepared to offer professional solutions to your product manufacturing needs related to the world of metal in general and in particular to the furniture industry.

Our technical department is formed by a series of professional dedicated exclusively to ensure the various stages of the production process.

Research and development

Our technical department participates in R+D projects as a bid to capitalize on our knowledge and make it available to our customers in order to generate value and find new practical solutions which provide higher potential to our services and therefore conveys to the market our desire for professional improvement.


We understand planning as a decision-making process to achieve the target set by each client, taking into account internal and external factors that may influence the achievement of the objectives set for each project.


Within our range of services, prototypes stand out in a special way. We know how important it is for many customers to physically test the first product in order to analyze its characteristics, its manufacturing process, its strengths and weaknesses and to begin production with guarantees. We offer real prototyped finishes for fairs and exhibitions.

Ad-Hoc projects

We are open to discuss any proposal and need that the customer expresses with the greatest assurance, searching for the solution and the most suitable processes for its fulfillment.

Our production team consists of highly experienced professionals, under the supervision of our technical management, which coordinates all production processes, quality testing and final finishes.

In our upholstery section we use different techniques and fabrics related to the furniture sector.

Cutting and production

In our upholstery section we cover the entire process of production. We have cutting and numerical control stamping machines, which offer maximum reliability to the pattern as well as equipment and experienced staff in the processes of design and sewing of different materials such as leather, PVC, synthetic leather, screen and other innovative textiles.

Finishing and Assembly

Experience in the upholstery section allows us to produce finishes faithful to the needs and demands of the customer, offering products to a high standard of refinement. We also participate in the assembly and finishing of the parts produced.

As a necessary complement to our overall services, product logistics deserves our special attention.

Handling and assembly

Within our facilities and by request of our customers, we offer a service of handling, assembly and packaging of our products. This gives us the ability to deliver the final product ready for distribution and sale.

Storage and transport

We have open facilities for storage and stocking of the manufactured products, adding value to the phases of logistics and product distribution.
We also have our own transport vehicles to distribute and deliver the end products to any destination that is required of us.